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Creating a Multi-Sensory Candle Experience

I'm very passionate about creating a unique candle experience that encompasses multiple senses.  Candles have always played a significant role in my life, from blackouts to bath time, so when the stars aligned and I had an opportunity to share one of my favourite things with others, I didn’t hesitate. 

I scoured the country for ingredients and containers that are earth safe, and rejected anything I wouldn’t put in my own home.  I shop second-hand stores all over Texas for upcycled containers and use Spanish recycled glass to house each hand-poured candle.  In addition, I utilise wooden wicks from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified mills, sustainably sourced soy wax from American farms, and all of my packaging is made from recycled material that is 100% compostable (yes - even the sticker on the jar!).​

When you buy from Caiti's Candles, you're supporting a women-owned and operated small business, my education at UT Austin, op shops (thrift stores), the glass recycling industry, the renewable shipping and packaging industry, and sustainable foresting.  All that in a candle!

Thank you for your patronage and for your support.  I hope you love your candles as much as I loved making them for you.

The crackle wicks delight your ears,

The scent delights the nose.

My candle’s flame dispels all fears,

Abating all your woes.

- Caiti 

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